The Group of Folk Songs and Dances Ostravica

At this time the Group Ostravica has 80 members, which consists of group of Adults Dancers and Musicians and childrens Group called „Small Ostravica“. The basic group became younger as well as its leadership. Todays artistic directors is Mrs. Irena Blablova, and the leading musician is Mr. Tomas Bill and leader is Mrs. Radka Jirsova. We still organize balls, concerts, trips abroad, festivals and celebrations.

Small Ostravica

At this moment childrens base „Small Ostravica“ has about 40 children. Children work twice a week.

This way „Small Ostravica“ spread out and developed her group activities. In regular life at practices and performances take turns events, which are not just for children but also for parents. Lets just mention some of them – carnival, trips, Childrenś Day, Day of St. Nicholas etc. This way parents are closer to the leaders of the group and children bond with each other. And their collectives strengthen.



  • 1968–1972         International Festivals in Belgium (Dendermonde),    Italy (Sussa, Florencie).
  • 1973–1977         England (Folkestene), Germany (Gorlitz), France (Oloron, Roder, Montoir).
  • 1978–1982         Poland (Zakopane), Portugal (Porto, Gimarcus), France (Saint Ettiene).
  • 1983–1987         Italy (Gorizia), Switzerland (Egozwill-Wauwill).
  • 1888–1992         Poland (Zelena Gora), France (Mulhouse).
  • 1993–1997         South Africa (Roodepoort), Slovak (Martin, Cadca).
  • 1998–2000         Germany (Luznitz), Slovak (Dubnica nad Vahom), Sweeden (Rattvik)
  • 2002 Gran Canaria (Villa deIngenio), Tenerife (Arona).
  • 2003 Portugal (Faro, Santarém).
  • 2004 Romania (Botosani)
  • 2005 Serbia (Kragujevac, Beograd, Loznica).
  • 2008 South America – Brasil (Sao Bernardo do Campo, Nova  Petropolis, Passo Fundo).
  • 2009 Bosnia - Herzegovina (Gradačac, Maoča, Doboj, Vučkovci, Maglaj), Macedonia (Istibanja)




  • 1971 in Italy (Sussa), International Folklore Festival, III. place, 3 silver cups.
  • 1978 in Poland (Zakopene),International Folklore Festival, II. place and „Silver Vallachian Stick“.
  • 1984 in Italy (Gorizia), International Folklore Festival, I. place, Golden medal, a special award and a cup for Music.
  • 1995 in South Africa (Roodepoort, Eisteddfod), International Festival of Music and Dance, two I. places,one II. place, three III. places and one special award for originality.